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Crash's Corner - Links n' Stuff

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Here it is: the links! Click here, click there, CLICK FRIGGIN' ANYWHERE! Which one is your   fav.?

Sonic Stuff:

Watch out, Amy!

That's NO good. If you know what I mean.

Sonic makes funny noises

Perhaps Sonic is obsessed with the whole "touching" thing?...

The true reason why Amy Rose loves Sonic...

Hmmm. Amy sure is hungry...

Sonic bad bubbles

Oh noes! Sonic gets poisoned! (lol)

Batman gone wild!

Batman watches you shower

Batman gets frisky when he enters this guy's bathroom.


Batman's in the dancin' mood! Go Batman! Go Batman! Ugh!

Don't drop the bomb!!!

Run, Batman! Go save the city!

Batman gives Osama a taste of his own medicine

Omg Batman blows up Osama. It's about time someone did.

Batman is gay ualuealuealeuale

Well, it doesn't get much worse than this.


The Great Cornholio Soundboard

I am Cornholio! I need tp for my bunghole!

Secrets and add-ons

There are a few secrets on ytmnd and the Batman animation (from Ualuealuealeuale) is used for many different pages. Here are those pages:

Slow Ualuealuealeuale