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Crash's Corner - THAW hexing tutorial
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>So, you want to have a colored name on Tony Hawk's American Wasteland, huh? I have composed a simple and detailed tutorial on how to do so...

>If you have Gameshark or Codebreaker, you can create your own colored name using hexadecimal! Hex is a basic binary code used for GS/CB codes. 045D45CA 46000000 is an example.

>First you will need a set of addresses. Addresses are the first part of a line that tells the PS2 you are inputting a colored name. The following addresses you will need are below.


>Now let's start the first line. To represent a letter in hex, you must refer to a hex chart to find the values of each letter. Click above to go to it.

>On this chart you will find a column of hex values and a column of text each value represents. To begin coding, use the first address I suggested. To start off, you will have this:

20895220 - - - - - - - -

>Let's say you want to make a name like Spear. If you're familiar with the backslash code, you would hex just like using backslash commands. Here are some common backslash commands:

\c0=white \b0=

\c1|\c9=gray \b1=
\c2=red \b2=
\c3=blue \b3=
\c4=green \b4=
\c5=yellow \b5=
\c6=turquoise \b6=
\c7|/ck=magenta \b7=
\c8=navy \b8=
\ca=light blue \b9=
\s0= \be=
\s1= \bg=
\s3= \bf=
\s4= \bh=
\bi= \bb=
\bd= \ba=

>To start off, you would want \c4 for green. This command written in hex is 5C6334. Remember that one section of hex after the address can only have 8 characters, or 4 letters when put into your name. One character is left, so you will put S. It is a general rule that hex reads right-to-left, so this part of the code will need to be reversed. Note that the address does not get reversed.

>Here is the first line before reversal:

20895220 5C633453

And after reversal:

20895220 5334635C

>Now you have the first line of hex, which represents \c4S, or S.

>This is basically what you do from here on until you finish the name. For the second line, use the address 20895224. Now you add pe\c.

This will be

20895224 70655C63

And when reversed will be

20895224 635C6570

>For line 3, you will need 3ar. So the line will look like this:

20895228 33617200

And reversed...

20895228 00726133

The hex 00 represents nothing. It is what you put when you have empty or unused space in a line.

>Now you have all 3 lines of your code!

20895220 5334635C

20895224 635C6570
20895228 00726133

If you want to type in color when chatting, the last color command you put in your name will turn your text that color. In this case, blue. If you want to type normally, add the command \c0 at the end of your name and nothing else. If you have a button for the last command in your name, color will automatically be reset to gray.

>There are a few things to go by when using this code. First, you will need a Hex mastercode, which enables the entire hex code you created. This mastercode is:

F0451168 0045116B

>To use this code, you will need to start up Gameshark or Codebreaker and add a new game to your list. Then add the mastercode and your hex code to the game.

I usually do not save these changes, however, you can if you want to. Now remove your memory card, start up THAW, and go to online play. Now look at your name in online preferences. If your code was successful, your name should show up.

>After this, put your memory card back in and go directly to save preferences. Doing anything else will freeze your PS2 and you will have to input the codes again. If you need to load your network settings file into your preferences, restart your PS2 without the name hex. Then save prefs as usual.

You now have your own colored name! This tutorial was created by Challenger or Chall. You were probably referred to this tutorial by me.